Meet our fantastic team, get to know us and how we can boost your business!

Charlotte Kitchman,
Founder and Head of Operations

Charlotte began her VA career whilst studying for her Masters, working for a number of businesses providing admin assistance. After completing her studies, she worked in the City for a number of years where it became apparent that something needed to change. Charlotte noticed that on top of the 12 hour days her colleagues and clients were working, there was an extra 10-15 hours per week of added admin and back office work. There was zero work/life balance for anyone and people around her were “burning out” and thus The Admin Crowd was born!
Charlotte’s main goal for The Admin Crowd is to ensure that busy executives can take back control of their lives, spend more time with their families and improve their mental wellbeing without compromising their income or business objectives.

Tom Padberg,
Co-founder and Head of Sales

Tom started out running his own successful tree surgery business before taking the leap into the big city. During his time spent in recruitment he learnt how to set up various business functions for a number of clients. This gave him a solid understanding of what is needed to achieve an efficient business and how to save costs by keeping processes simple and hiring the right people.

It was while building international teams across Europe that Tom understood the power of remote working. He found that using VA’s was much more cost efficient than hiring permanent staff. This also allowed him to tap into specific skillsets depending on what was required for each project.

Tom’s role is to work in partnership with our clients to deliver the best on demand talent in the market in a simple and cost effective package.

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